Throughout our touring and ministry career, we have primarily supported ourselves by exploiting our music while receiving honorariums and love offerings for concerts and conferences. We will continue to be available to churches and organizations just as we have since we started our music ministry journey.


Recently we have been led to embarq on a new path which dovetails nicely into our current overall vision. We have begun to work with missionaries, church planters, and pastors around the world. We will be traveling internationally to be used to help in building relational bridges between those church leaders and the people in their communities for the purpose of expanding the gospel of Jesus Christ. We will be doing concerts in the churches and community venues.


Please pray for the success of these trips and for our ability to endure emotionally, physically and spiritually.


We are giving friends and supporters the opportunity to partner with us on our international mission trips. Also, there ia a way to partner with us domestically by helping with travel.


Our church, Bethel Baptist, in Marquette Michigan, is providing oversight and accountability in this partnership. Below you will find a description of the needs and how you can help.



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We have made two trips to Ireland, one in 2018 and another 2019. We also had a trip in planning for 2020. Covid ended the 2020 trip and we have not yet returned to the emerald isle.

There are three Irish organizations who are still interested in bringing us back but it has not yet been possible. We will be in touch with you all as soon and there is a schedule planned.

The Lord has used the changes in scheduling and we continually see His hand in our daily lives. Many changes have taken place personnally and in our ministry.

Now we are seeing 2022-2023 becoming a busier time on the road in ministry. Thank you for your support for us here on the domestic side!


You can support Amy and Gary by sending
a tax deductible gift by making a check to:




Mail to:
Gary Wixtrom
PO BOX 307.
Marquette, MI 49855
















ABOVE: The New... Old RV (2000) Brown looks almost identical to the Old... Newer RV (2002) Gold. All of the tires were bad on the newly purchased RV so I robbed all of the good tires from the 2002.


Many of you were praying for our search to find a safe reliable home on wheels to get us to conferences and concerts. We highlighted an RV from Seattle that had low mileage and seemed to be an answer for what we needed.


We did not buy that RV


On the same day we wrote the letter (September 10th) we did another search later that evening for available RVs and found another one (2000 Winnebago Adventurer) on that looked promising. It was also close to home, in Gladstone, MI, 50 miles from where we live. We called the owner and began a 3 week process trying to determine if it was the right move. We thought there could be a chance that we could still use our old beat up 2002. But at one point the engine struggled to start and ran very rough and exhaust was leaking into the living area. So we made a deal for the new RV which was actually 2 years older but with 200,000 less miles. Almost everything works perfectly. The previous owner took wonderful care of this vehicle. He also told us the he felt God was telling him to sell his motorhome and it came out in rvtrader the same day we asked for prayer. We find that a bit significant. Including tax it cost nearly $24,000. The only trouble we have had is that 4 of the tires have blown out and the others are badly checked. It has been a bit of trouble and a little disappointing because we were so happy we had 7 spares from our existing vehicle. Now we have swapped almost every tire from the 2002. Thank you for your prayers and also thank you to those who have helped us with the purchase. To date nearly $2,000 and €1,000 have been donated. It has been a tremendous help. Thank you to our American and Irish families in Christ.


As many of you know, Amy had a terminal cancer diagnosis in 2015. Approximately 80% of the people diagnosed with a double hit lymphoma, two and one half years ago, are not living. Except for an occasional outlyer, the rest have less than a year to live. Amy did not have the typical medical treatments and chose a different path to gain her health back. Today there is no cancer that we know of and she works very hard continuing to do the right things for her body every day to keep the cancer from returning.


When we knew Amy could begin touring full time again, we started to fix up an aging rv so that she would have the ability to have her special food, juicer, and other things she needs to keep healthy. The stress of being on the road has always been a deep concern for Gary as he tries to do what is best for Amy. There are a multitude of things that can go wrong with an older RV. Thankfully, we have been able to get another RV which is much safer than the last but is still 18years old.




The Total Estimated Yearly Cost is
$7,000 - $12,000


You can help with travel by sending
a tax deductible gift by making check to:




Mail to:
Gary Wixtrom
PO BOX 307.
Marquette, MI 49855


A list of the needs of the motorhome are available to anyone who is interested. Financials will be available to donors. If you have any questions you may call Gary at 615-364-6161