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August 31, 2016 - Prayer Walk Update and Thank You
On Saturday, August 27th, there was a Prayer Walk for Amy at Presque Isle Park in Marquette, Michigan.

The purpose of the event was to garner prayer support and financial support for Amy who, in October 2015, was diagnosed with a rare cancer called Non-Hodgkins Large B Cell Lymphoma
with a Double Hit.

Although the prognosis is grim, Amy is fighting the disease through medical means, diet, and a myriad of natural non-toxic therapies. The average life span for a patient with this disease is 22 months. After nearly10 months, Amy is in remission and is doing better than doctors have expected. We continue to pray for God's healing.


We want to thank everyone for their love, prayers. and support. We want to give a special thank you to the following:

Dave and Irma Powers
for all of your effort and desire to help Amy. When you first contacted us about the walk we were not in favor of the idea. It was due to the concern of putting pressure on people and we were not comfortable having so much focus on us. However, Dave, you patiently made your case and gave solid reasons as to why this was important for those who cared about us. So, we humbled ourselves and accepted this gift. Irma, you worked so hard in promoting the walk and concert. Thank you Dave and Irma.

Bethel Baptist Church family and Staff
You hosted the event. You are our local church family and you have shown us so much love. We are continually amazed by your care of us. Considering you know us better than most folks around the country, it speaks to your patience and your charity to love us the way you do! Thank you for giving us a sweet family!

Hank Steede
You took the time to speak at the concert and to expand Dave and Irma's vision for the walk. You and Ann, over the last 20 years, have been a consistant friend to us and remain a pillar of strength in our church and the community.
Thank you for your faithfulness!

Nehemiah Lacar
It is always a pleasure to talk to about your knowledge of musical gear. You used your talent to help us before, during, and after the concert. Thank you to you and your children for carving out precious time to be a great help to us.

Walkers and Concert Attendees
Thank you for coming in person to support us. It was a GREAT DAY! We will never forget you and we are humbled by the attention. Thank you for your presence on that wonderful day.

You gave prayerfully and financially towards Amy's continual treatments and our ministry. We have heard from so many of you from where we once toured. You are our friends from all over the USA. Our hearts melted many times over this past year. As we were preparing for the walk, it was apparent that we had lifetime friends from every corner of the country and the world. The bride of Christ is indeed beautiful.
Thank you!

"This disease has been a blessing that has given me an audience with people who will open their ears to my story due to my struggle with cancer, and my story has everything to do with God's goodness, presence, and peace while lingering fearlessly in our fallen world" - Amy Shreve

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