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July 28, 2016 - Good Health News keeps Amy on the road

June 1, 2016
Amy is doing really well. She is still doing her 3 mile runs, her weight is steady, she is consistant with her diet, and she appears to me to be as healthy as she has ever been. She will be having a PET Scan on June 8th to see if there are any cancerous nodes. Please pray with us that God would continue to heal her.

June 15, 2016
Amy's PET scan on June 8 was negative and we are once again relieved thet the cancer has not returned. Plans to continue with the touring schedule have not changed. June 25 we will be in Springfield, IL for a conference.

July 28, 2016
Being that it doesn't get warm until Mid -June in Marquette, Michigan we consider the beginning of August half way through the Summer. July has been a very busy month with conferences every weekend. We were in Philadelphia, Minneapolis, Westfield, Mass, and we will be in Manitowoc, WI on the 30th. The schedule is very full until 2017. I tend to worry about Amy's health when travelling. It is always on my mind that this incidious desease could return. Amy's next PET/CT is in September. As my friends know, the closer we get to the next scan the more I feel stress. Please keep Amy in your prayers and also maybe a prayer for my anxious spirit to be healed.
Thank you - Gary

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