In October 2015, Amy was diagnosed with a rare cancer called Non-Hodgkins Large B Cell Lymphoma with a Double Hit.

Although the prognosis is grim, Amy is fighting the disease through medical means, diet, and a myriad of natural non-toxic therapies. The average life span for a patient with this disease is 22 months. The tumors were discovered on October 4, 2015, Amy is in remission and is doing better than doctors have expected. We continue to pray for God's healing. On October 4, 2016 there is no detectable cancer.

"This disease has been a blessing that has given me an audience with people who will open their ears to my story due to my struggle with cancer, and my story has everything to do with God's goodness, presence, and peace while lingering fearlessly in our fallen world" - Amy Shreve

Amy's ministry continues but the added cost and strain of continually fighting the disease have been difficult. Please continue to pray for strength and direction for Amy's ministry

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