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Amy's Story

Given a terminal diagnosis, I was offered cancer treatments that would most likely do more harm than good.

Believing that a healthy functioning immune system would give me the best chance to live, I chose a decidedly different path.

After a small amount of chemotherapy I quit clinical therapy in order to allow my body to heal and fight my disease.

A clean diet, supplements, prayer, exercise, and essential oils have aided in bringing my body into balance. Now, seventeen months later I am cancer free!

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I believe essential oils have supported this transformation from sickness to health.

Donna's Story.

Amy and I have been dear friends since our college days as roommates during our senior year. Post-college we are still like sisters and have now joined forces to help people BE WELL.

After spending almost 10 years conducting and analyzing global studies to assist pharmaceutical companies in the marketing of conventional medicine, it became undeniably evident to me that drugs do not heal. They only manage symptoms.

So, I sought out to learn more about natural medicine. This journey was catapulted when I was unknowingly given an overdose of antibiotics as a preventative measure for a heart condition. The result was a systemic infection. Refusing to take additional meds to combat the problem, I was determined to fight without drugs.

I successfully overcame the infection with nutrition, natural remedies, and of course prayer. Feeling better at the end than I did before I became ill, I have never looked back.

Continuing my journey, I was introduced to therapeutically active essential oils. They have literally changed my life. Staying healthy is now easy for me.

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